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Shining Mountains Farm raises Lusitanos for dressage and sport on a cattle ranch in Western Montana. It is my goal to make horses that not only perform in the arena but are also great trail and outdoor riding horses by exposing them to trails, cattle, farm equipment, other horses, vehicles and kids. I also acknowledge that there are a lot of talented horses out there and in order for mine to stand out, it is important to develop each individual personality and let them shine.

You will never see a long sales list on this website. I am breeding a very small number of high quality horses with exceptional and proven personalities as well as common sense. Responsible breeding practices are of the utmost importance to me and so every horse is sold with my “We will leave the barn light on for you” promise. If any horse born here either comes to the end of their ‘useful’ lives or cannot be supported by their current owner, I will pay 10% over canner prices plus transportation to bring them home to live out their sun set days in the same pastures that saw the dawn of their lives. I love all of my horses and am committed to them for life!

I also offer stallion services to a horse that supports our goals. While you can read all about him on stallion page, Cinatra has great conformation, stellar personality and color all of which spell horses that will be sought after. I do use discretion regarding the mares I accept in my studbooks. If I don’t think you will get a topnotch horse, I won’t hesitate to say so. If a horse sired by one of my stallions becomes unwanted or unable to be cared for, I will contribute to finding that horse a new home or take them here if space and finances allow. I feel obligated to not be part of the unwanted horse problem.

Chris LeDoux sang it best, “He’s had one or two good horses that he counts among his friends.” That is my goal – to bring you horses that you count among your friends.
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